ACS 2001-2002

In June 2001, the Commission decided to conduct a second program evaluation operation for programs leading to an attestation of college studies (ACS) in private, non-subsidized institutions. On the one hand, it wished to reach the colleges for which no program had yet been evaluated, and on the other, all private, non-subsidized institutions, in order to evaluate a separate program from that, or those already having been evaluated. Within this evaluation, the Commission paid special attention to educational management, since the greatest autonomy of these institutions and new responsibilities which are given to them are related to education organization.

These institutions in question were required to carry out their self-assessment based on a specific guide produced for this purpose. The Commission evaluated 19 different programs in 19 different institutions. It issued respective evaluation reports to the establishments involved and at the end of the exercise, made a summary report public. The individual reports for each institution can be accessed by clicking on the desired college’s name on the website’s Publications page.