2005-2008 Operation

In the course of this operation, the Commission asked privately funded and public colleges to self-assess one or any of their programs with the help of the Institutional Program Evaluation Policy. While letting them choose the program to evaluate, the Commission asked them to give priority, if possible, to a competency-based program, preferably in natural sciences, or a program in physics or biology.

Each college’s self-assessment report had to include at least the following elements: an evaluation of the program’s relevance, the coherence of activities and educational methods within program objectives, the accuracy of the learning assessment and of the program’s effectiveness.

The Commission asked the colleges applying their policies for the first time to add a brief assessment of the effectiveness of this policy to their report. It also requested that colleges not yet having completed the previous operation (1998-2002) done with the help of this policy, to do so.

The Commission sent its respective evaluation reports to the establishments concerned, and at the end of this exercise, published its summary report. The individual reports of each institution can be accessed by clicking on the desired college’s name on the website’s Publications page.