Computer science

According to the Commission’s chosen evaluation process and with the help of a specific guide produced for these establishments, the Commission evaluated three Computer Science Programs.

  • Computer Science Technology (420.01), a program of 90-91 units leading to a diploma of college studies (DCS), offered in 47 Cegeps and campuses. Only the specific education component was evaluated.
  • Programmer-analyst (420.52), a program of 64 units including all DCS specialization courses and leading to a certificate of college studies (CCS), offered mainly in private establishments (7).
  • Micro-computing (901.91), a program of 36 to 37 1/3 units leading to an attestation of college studies (ACS), offered in 15 Cegeps and 2 private institutions.

The Commission submitted its evaluation report to the institutions involved, and published a summary report to the public after having completed its program evaluation. These individual reports can be accessed by clicking on the desired college’s name on the website’s Publications page.