Strategic plan effectiveness

During this operation, the Commission asked each Cegep to gauge the effectiveness of its strategic plan by evaluating the achievement of objectives based on the obtained results. The Cegep must take a critical look at its plan – including its success plan – and study the results obtained in a context of development (from situational analysis to the determination of indicators) and plan implementation. This exercise also allows them to verify the relevance of indicators used to report on progress in reaching goals, and in certain cases, to evaluate the effectiveness of the resources employed.

This operation helped the Commission ensure proper follow-up on strategic plans, and to pursue the evaluation of regulatory components which help guarantee quality education across all institutions.

In January 2008, the Commission forwarded a document to Cegeps presenting its guidelines and, in April, the analytical framework explaining its expectations and expressing the elements upon which its analysis rests for reports submitted by the Cegeps.

A Summary report of the operation was made public in 2014. This document presents the main findings of this operation, carried out since 2007 among 68 institutions. It also explains the effectiveness of the success plan.