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Application of the Institutionnal Policy on program evaluation

The establishments affected by the College Education Regulations are required, after consulting their Academic Council, to adopt an institutional policy on program evaluation (IPPE) and to ensure its proper application (art. 24).

Between 1998 and 2000, and in 2005, the Commission led an operation which was a step towards establishments taking charge of the evaluation function and development as an integral part of educational activities.

Based on the evaluation process selected and the information sent to the institutions, the Commission evaluated the institutional policy on program evaluation. It requested each institution offering one or more programs leading to a DCS to apply their Institutional Policy on Program Evaluation by evaluating a program of their choice. Some 70 establishments participated in this evaluation between 1997 and 2002. Twenty-one of them completed this evaluation within the 2005 operation in program evaluation.

The Commission addressed its evaluation reports to the institutions involved, and made a summary report public in December of 2002. These individual reports can be accessed through the publications sections.

Evaluation in non-subsidized private colleges

In April 2010, the Commission encouraged private, non-subsidized colleges, those offering programs leading to an attestation of college studies (ACS) only, to evaluate one of their programs by applying their IPPE, and to evaluate the conformity and effectiveness thereof. The Commission outlined its objectives for this evaluation and presented its issues in its Guidance Document.

The Analytical Framework of the operation outlines the subjects to be evaluated, along with the criteria used by the Commission. The Assessment Guide is intended to inform personnel in these institutions about the suggested process for carrying out the self-assessment on a program of study.

The Summary Report, , published in December 2015 reports the main findings by the Commission during assessment visits carried out in 18 non-subsidized private colleges.