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Institutional plans

Cegep strategic plans

Pursuant to articles 16.1 and 16.2 of the General and Vocational Colleges Act, Cegeps must have a strategic plan in place for a number of years, and integrate their student success plan within it. Bearing in mind their own situation as well as strategic ministerial orientations, Cegeps present their goals and the means to achieve them. The plan must be reviewed on an annual basis and updated, if necessary. The strategic plan and its potential update are quality assurance components specific to Cegeps and must be transmitted to the Commission which evaluates them as they are submitted. The Commission then examines the conformity of this plan to the Act, as well as its potential effectiveness. In 2006, it published a statement (fr) of this exercise.

Private subsidized college Success Plans

Each college indicates in its success plan how it intends to take responsibility for improving and guaranteeing academic success and student graduation rates. Private subsidized colleges are not required to adopt a success plan. They can do so, however, to benefit from financial assistance granted within a budgetary annex. In this case, the Commission evaluates the plans provided, and makes a statement on their thoroughness and potential effectiveness for achieving set targets and the institutional responsibility for student success.

First Success Plans (2000-2004)

In 2002, the Minister of Education instructed the Commission to evaluate the first Cegeps and private subsidized college success plans. To do this, the Commission selected four evaluation criteria relating respectively to: the thoroughness of the evaluation and the clear identification of obstacles to success; the choice of strategies and means for overcoming identified obstacles; and the adoption of appropriate organizational measures and of implementation measures. The Commission then proceeded with the analysis of these plan implementations (2002-2003) and the first effectiveness review (2003-2004). Lastly, the Commission presented its observations arising from these three evaluations in a summary report (fr) published in 2004.