Guidance document and reference framework

In May 2013, the Commission published a document, in which it presented its vision and the process it selected. Following the quality assurance operation’s validation phase completed in the fall of 2014, the Commission revised this document and created a second edition called Evaluating the Effectiveness of Quality Assurance Systems in Québec Colleges – Guidelines and Framework.

Second cycle

In September 2020, the Commission published an interim version of the guidelines, framework, and self-evaluation guide for the second cycle of the evaluation of the effectiveness of Québec college quality assurance systems (SAQC). It follows the preliminary version, published in March 2019, and includes adjustments resulting from the validation phase conducted with four colleges. This version will be used by colleges participating in the first waves of the second cycle. At the end of the validation phase, adjustments may be made and corrections will be made to this document, in a final version, to take into account the comments of the colleges.