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To be admissible, a request for access to a document or information must be clear enough to help locate this document or information. The Commission d’accès à l’information offers letter templates for sending a request.

The request must be sent to the person responsible for access at the following address by mail, email, or fax:

Madame Nathalie Savard
Secrétaire générale

Person in charge of access to documents and the protection of personal information
Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collégial
888 Saint-Jean Street, 4th floor, office 400
Québec (Quebec) G1R 5H6

Telephone: 418-644-8028
Fax: 418-643-9019
Courriel :

A request for access can be made verbally. Only a decision made following a request made in writing can be considered for revision by the Commission d’accès à l’information.

As a rule, access to a document is free of charge. Fees not surpassing the cost of transcribing, reproducing or transmitting the document can apply however. When this is the case, the Commission indicates the approximate cost to the applicant beforehand.